1. I already have an ultrasound and we do our own in-house. How can you help me?
  2. We are able to assist with more complicated ultrasounds, which enables you to keep your patient in-house. For example: abdominal scans that require detailed imaging of the pancreatic lobes in small patients, adrenals, portal hilus, mucosal layering (via use of a high intensity linear transducer) which helps with determining IBD or emerging lymphangiectasia. On the cardiac side, we are well versed in performing detailed echocardiograms- those where you really need to be able to measure the velocity of the regurgitant jet using CW or where you are unsure if the stenosis seen is creating abnormal velocities and therefore needs treatment. Most machines sold to veterinarians have a limited ability to do advanced Doppler and CW measurements.

  3. What if my patient needs a biopsy?
  4. We routinely perform biopsies and have the ability to measure clotting profiles prior taking tissue samples.

  5. We use an RMDS to scan and have our images sent out to a specialist for a consultation. What is the advantage of using Veterinary Imaging Associates, Inc.?
  6. Our scans are performed ONLY by licensed veterinarians. As a licensed veterinarian, our sonographers are able to interpret, diagnose, and perform biopsies and FNAs.

  7. Will a specialist review scans performed by Veterinary Imaging Associates ?
  8. We use ONLY board certified radiologists and cardiologists to interpret all images. This is important
    when comparing to other mobile ultrasound providers.