Dr. Taylor
markOur principle sonographer, Mark B. Taylor, MA, DVM, has been performing echocardiograms and abdominal ultrasounds since 1998. For a period of time, Dr. Taylor worked with New Jersey Mobile Ultrasound/Sound Technologies (a division of VCA/Antech) in northern NJ and Staten Island, NY and was a mobile sonographer in SE Florida for many years.

Dr. Taylor received his BS from University of Kansas in Systematics and Ecology and went to complete a MA in Botany (physiological plant ecology). He then switched gears to animals and received his doctorate in veterinary medicine at Kansas State University.
Nutrition is also an interest and passion for Dr. Taylor, having completed a residency in clinical nutrition from Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and NC State University.

Dr. Taylor is currently a Resident in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging through VitalRads in Houston Texas!

Diffuse osteopenia and myelopathy in a puppy fed a diet composed of an organic premix and raw ground beef. Taylor MB, Geiger DA, Saker KE, Larson MM. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2009 Apr 15;234(8):1041-8.


Bethany St John, DVM, Associate VeterinarianIMG_3397
Bethany St John, DVM discovered her passion for ultrasonography while in veterinary school at Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. During her 11 years in general practice, she has pursued ample continuing education and training in ultrasonography and echocardiography and has incorporated these skills into daily practice as a veterinarian. In the hospitals, in which she practiced, she was the consulting and/or lead sonographer. Dr. St John is also skilled in performing aspirates, centesis, and biopsies. Veterinary Imaging Associates, Inc. is most pleased and fortunate to have her on board! Dr. St John not only brings a huge skill set to us but also a charming personality and a wonderful sense of humor.

Sarah Blain Kennedy, MA, DVM
Dr. Kennedy received both a BA and an MA in pre-veterinary medicine and marine biology from Boston University, and a DVM from the University of Wisconsin. She has practiced veterinary medicine on small and large mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish, with emphasis on health, reproduction, behavior, dermatology, and emergency medicine, as well as general practice. A major specialization has been fish health management, including development of methods to control and monitor the microbiology of the rearing environment. She has been a pioneer in the detection, isolation, identification, culture, and use of probiotic (beneficial) bacteria for marine fish culture in the US. Dr. Kennedy is well-versed in animal health regulations, including those of the USDA, FDA, and EPA. She has lectured, taught courses on fish health, and has been a consultant in several countries. She has a unique perspective on the aquaculture industry and invaluable experience as a marine biologist and veterinarian. Dr. Kennedy began her ultrasound career while in private practice Southeast Florida nearly 10 years ago. She is well versed in both abdominal imaging and echocardiography. Dr. Kennedy has a special interest in biliary tract and pancreas imaging. She brings a unique clinical perspective to the world of mobile ultrasonography and we are very happy to have her join us.




Brian Poteet, DVM, MS, DACVR, DABSNM
Robert Cole, DVM, DACVR
Bobby Werner, DVM, DACVR


Jean Betkowski, DVM, DACVIM
Keith Blass, DVM, DACVIM